Giver - All offers for the 2020 - 2021

The tour operator Giver Travel & Cruises was established in Italy in 1949, with the aim of promoting something completely different from the usual type of cruise; this is how the river cruises, something rather unique in its kind, were born. The agency deals with planning various cruises on the main European rivers and beyond, but also with trips to the United States and Canada. Read more...

When we think of summer holidays our imagination immediately runs towards the usual relaxing Caribbean places, or the usual cruises along the Mediterranean sea. Why not choose instead a new type of cruise and discover some truly unique places? A Giver river cruise is truly an experience that everyone should make at least once in their life time. Sailing along impressive rivers, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, admiring splendid countries, visiting places full of history, will certainly remain as an unforgettable memory in our mind.
There is really a lot on offer. You can choose from a classic full board cruise or you may prefer a cruise with an exclusive tour leader. Lastly you can choose to have a vacation in total freedom, without schedules or tour leader.

Giver Travel & Cruises also offers their customers the option of planning their cruise as best as it suits them. With so many choices available, the customer can only book the most beautiful river cruise in Europe. As mentioned above, the itineraries offered by Giver Travel & Cruises are really many and all very different. One of the destinations that most attracts children and families during winter is the magical world of Santa Claus, in Finland. This gorgeous country, near Rovaniemi, in Lapland, is home to one of the largest villages dedicated exclusively to Santa Claus; here children and their parents can get in touch with the fantastic world of Christmas and fairy tales! Another destination proposed by the tour operator is Scandinavia, one of the most beautiful areas of Europe. Here you can discover the beautiful Nordic landscapes: like the magical cities full of flowers, splendid Arctic islands, wild animals in the north and the Scandinavian capitals which are among the most beautiful and cold in the whole of Europe.

The Giver trips to Norway, a Scandinavian country where nature is the main element, deserve to be addressed separately; here you can admire the beautiful Norwegian fjords, immerse yourself in the culture of the place, visit some out-of-the-way cities in the north of the country, but an absolute must is to watch the aurora borealis, which each year, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. On the other hand, if you prefer much milder, but at the same time exciting and unique destinations, you can choose a river cruise along different European rivers. The most known and appreciated cruise for those who choose Giver Cruises is the one on the Danube, a famous river of Central Europe. With this cruise you can visit different European capitals and admire wonderful scenes. Other highly recommended Giver cruises, even for passengers travelling with children, are those on the Rhine river, a romantic river of Central Europe, the Douro in Portugal, the Rhone and the Saone in France, the Way of the Tsars, a route that connects the two main cities of European Russia. If we are still not satisfied with all these wonderful European destinations, offered by Giver Travel & Cruises, why not choose a real dream destination?
And here you are, ready to start discovering two great countries in North America, namely Canada and the United States, where you would spend an unforgettable holiday with the whole family. After planning our vacation, all we have to do is to pack our bags and leave for a beautiful and amazing Giver Cruise!