Costa Firenze from Savona: Departure May 5, 2023, Arrival Date May 19, 2023

Itinerary: Italy , France , Spain , Portugal , Belgium , Netherlands , Denmark , Germany

14 Nights from Savona on board of Costa Firenze Departure May 5, 2023 | Arrival Date May 19, 2023 costa-cruises
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Itinerary Cruises

Savona Italy Italy


Ajaccio France France


The largest city in Corsica has all the attractions of a typical French Mediterranean resort, with beaches, palm trees, street cafés and a picturesque mountain range in the background.

If you didn't already know that Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio, you will find out after just a few minutes of being here. With a glitzy marina, designer boutiques and trendy restaurants, Corsica's cosmopolitan capital honours its famous 'son' with street names, statues and various excellent museums.

Ajaccio is located in the most protected part of the Gulf of Ajaccio, an inlet of the Corsican Sea at the mouth of the Gravona and Prunelli rivers.

Its name comes from the Greek word 'Agation' (good port), due to its privileged position on the coast. The city has been occupied by the Romans, Pisans, and Genoese who built a fortifed citadel in 1492, and was populated by the Lunigiana families, including the Bonapartes. In 1769, one year after French occupation began, the city's most illustrious citizen was born: Napoleon.

Tarragona Spain Spain


Cadiz Spain Spain


Cadiz is a port city with wide boulevards, squares and gardens with an atmosphere rich in history

Cadiz is an elegant city offering buildings dated back to XVIII and XIX Centuries. The City has a long and charming history: discover its monuments, the museums and all the amazing places where you can taste good food and have a drink. What makes Cadiz special it’s the people that are open, have a great culture and are independent. The majority of them enjoy life and the company of their friends in the many bars and squares of the city.

Lisbon Portugal Portugal


La Coruna Spain Spain


Le Havre France France


Bruges Belgium Belgium


Rotterdam Netherlands Netherlands


Skagen Denmark Denmark


Kiel Germany Germany


Kiel is a city in Eder River and it is near the Baltic Sea. Hamburg and Lübeck are the nearest cities and are about 90 kilometres far from Kiel.
The origins of Kiel are dated back to XII Century. The city was established by Schauenburg Family and it was the farthest north city of the Holy Roman Empire. Among the noteworthy structures, the University is one of the most ancient and was founded in 1665.
During the years, Kiel was subjected to the influence of the neighbouring countries and has been property of Denmark and Sweden. Germany took it back in 1815. At the end of XIX Century, Kiel Canal was opened. It is about 100 kilometres long, and it links the Baltic Sea with the North Sea and it’s been so far one of the most congested canals in the world. Kis an important port for the cruises to Northern Europe and has all summer long many departures for the Baltic Capitals and the Norwegian Fjords.

Kiel is an important port of the cruise market: many of the cruises to Northern Europe depart from Kiel. It is no coincidence that it is the most important port in Germany.

Costa Firenze Cabins


Interior Single Stateroom (CI)


Inside (IC)


Interior (IP)


Interior Basic (IV)


Interior (IVC)


Classic Single Oceanview (CE)


Oceanview (EC)


Oceanview (EP)


Exterior Basic (EV)


Oceanview (EVC)


Balcony (BC)


Balcony (BP)


Balcony Basic (BV)


Balcony (BVC)


Mini Suite (MS)


Suite con Balcone sul Mare (S)

Costa Firenze Technical Details

Construction Year: 2020 Number of Guests: 5260 Number of Decks: 20 Cabins: 2116 Tonnage: 135500 tons Length: 324.00 meter Width: 38.00 meter Speed: 20 knots