MSC Fantasia from Helsinki: Departure 17 August 2023, Arrival Date 20 August 2023

Itinerary: Finland , Sweden , Germany

3 Nights from Helsinki on board of MSC Fantasia Departure 17 August 2023 | Arrival Date 20 August 2023 msc-cruises
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Itinerary Cruises

Helsinki Finland Finland


Stockholm Sweden Sweden


The capital of Sweden is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a mirage of saffron-coloured and iridescent terracotta buildings amidst the blue of the water and skies that are even bluer than the Swedish summer, or candidly covered with snow and dotted with winter lights. It is also a vibrant, modern city, famous for the production of elegant design, cutting edge fashion and world-class nightclubs.

The old city, Gamla Stan, is a compact little maze that seems to have been built for very small, thin people. The red, orange and vanilla stucco walls of buildings that seem to curve into each other are home to countless souvenir shops and ice cream parlours.

Just south of Gamla Stan there is another island-district, Södermalm, where waterfront hills are adorned with beautiful homes and the main streets are dotted with bohemian shops, art galleries and clubs. On the other side of Gamla Stan is the main centre of the city, a bustling metropolis where boutiques and restaurants liven up the cool Swedish evenings.

Kiel Germany Germany


Kiel is a city in Eder River and it is near the Baltic Sea. Hamburg and Lübeck are the nearest cities and are about 90 kilometres far from Kiel.
The origins of Kiel are dated back to XII Century. The city was established by Schauenburg Family and it was the farthest north city of the Holy Roman Empire. Among the noteworthy structures, the University is one of the most ancient and was founded in 1665.
During the years, Kiel was subjected to the influence of the neighbouring countries and has been property of Denmark and Sweden. Germany took it back in 1815. At the end of XIX Century, Kiel Canal was opened. It is about 100 kilometres long, and it links the Baltic Sea with the North Sea and it’s been so far one of the most congested canals in the world. Kis an important port for the cruises to Northern Europe and has all summer long many departures for the Baltic Capitals and the Norwegian Fjords.

Kiel is an important port of the cruise market: many of the cruises to Northern Europe depart from Kiel. It is no coincidence that it is the most important port in Germany.

MSC Fantasia Cabins


Bella Interior (IB)


Deluxe Interior (low deck) (IR1)


Deluxe Interior (medium deck) (IR2)


Bella Oceanview (OB)


Premium Oceanview (low deck) (OL1)


Premium Oceanview (medium deck) (OL2)


Premium Oceanview (high deck) (OL3)


Aurea Balcony (BA)


Bella Balcony (BB)


Premium Balcony (low deck) (BL1)


Premium Balcony (medium deck) (BL2)


Premium Balcony (High deck) (BL3)


Deluxe Balcony Obstructed view (BP)


Suite Premium (low deck) (SL1)


Suite Premium Sealed Window (SLS)


Suite Deluxe Sealed Window (SRS)


Grand Suite (SX)


Yacht Club Deluxe Suite (YC1)


Executive & Family Suite MSC Yacht Club (YC2)


Yacht Club Royal Suite (YC3)


MSC Yacht Club Grand Suite (YCP)

MSC Fantasia Technical Details

Construction Year: 2008 Renovation Year: 2016 Number of Guests: 3274 Number of Crew Members: 1370 Number of Decks: 13 Cabins: 1637 Tonnage: 137936 tons Length: 333.00 meter Width: 38.00 meter Speed: 23 knots
Garden childhood Children's area Child Pool Service 24h Internet in the cabin Safety box in the cabin communicating cabin Phone in the cabin