Seabourn Ovation from Dover: Departure 8 June 2024, Arrival Date 2 July 2024

Itinerary: United Kingdom , Jersey , Ireland , France , Spain , Portugal , Italy , Monaco

24 Nights from Dover on board of Seabourn Ovation Departure 8 June 2024 | Arrival Date 2 July 2024 seabourn
from €12,500
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Itinerary Cruises

Dover United Kingdom United Kingdom


Saint Helier Jersey Jersey

Bristol United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fishguard United Kingdom United Kingdom

Bantry Ireland Ireland

Foynes Ireland Ireland

Le Palais France France

Bordeaux France France


Bordeaux is city on the Atlantic Ocean and its port hosts big ships. The city had initially the name Burdigala and was established in III Century B.C. by the Gallic people.

It was a neuralgic centre for the International commerce of tin and lead. After the arrival of the Romans, Bordeaux becomes one of the richest cities of Gallia and is robbed many times by populations such as Visigoths and Vandals. With the passing of time, the City starts economic relationships with England trading in salt and wine and, in XVI Century, also the colonial sugar and slaves start having a leading role in the sustenance of the city.
Bordeaux has a liveable city centre that can be visited by foot and that offers beautiful attractions and energy. At night, the city get crowded with young people filling up the main squares and the bars where you can taste excellent wines and plunge in the romantic atmosphere that the city assumes after the sunset. You can’t miss out Château de la Brède, a gothic style castle dated back to XIV Century, surrounded by a moat and an English garden. The philosopher Montesquieu lived here and tourists can visit his library and his bedroom that are just like they were in XIX Century.
We suggest to visit also the beautiful Saint Eloi Church. Established in XII Century, the construction and renovation works lasted until 1400’s. The current structure is dated back to this period. The church is one of the stop-overs of Santiago de Compostela walking tour and is part of UNESCO World Heritage. Bordeaux offers a wide variety of gastronomic and wine choices. There are many restaurants and bars where you can taste the best wines on the market and an amazing cuisine.

Hendaye France France

Bilbao Spain Spain


Gijon Spain Spain


Lisbon Portugal Portugal


Cadiz Spain Spain


Cadiz is a port city with wide boulevards, squares and gardens with an atmosphere rich in history

Cadiz is an elegant city offering buildings dated back to XVIII and XIX Centuries. The City has a long and charming history: discover its monuments, the museums and all the amazing places where you can taste good food and have a drink. What makes Cadiz special it’s the people that are open, have a great culture and are independent. The majority of them enjoy life and the company of their friends in the many bars and squares of the city.

Marbella Spain Spain

Port Mahon Spain Spain


Port Vendres France France


Saint-Raphaël France France

Portoferraio Italy Italy


Portoferraio is a small town in Elba and is a touristic resort all year round. According to mythology, it was Portoferraio the place where the Argonauts arrived, the Greek heroes that were in search of the golden fleece.

The name “Portoferraio” derives from the mines that enriched this area during the XIX Century. Napoleon Bonaparte moved to Portoferraio in 1815 and changed it radically, transforming it in a huge construction site in order to turn it into a real pearl. Napoleon benefit from the industry and also enriched the town with public works that made it even more beautiful. Portoferraio, then, became property of Granducato di Toscana.
In Portoferraio there are many proofs of Napoleon’s life. Here, you can visit San Marino Residence and Villa dei Mulini.
The landscape of this town is fascinating even before reaching it: its bastions make it look like a fortress overlooking the sea, jealously hiding the old town centre. The city offers an important Archeologic Museum that holds many evidences of the past and that is an unmissable destination for the subject enthusiasts.

Santa Margherita Italy Italy


Montecarlo Monaco Monaco


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Seabourn Ovation Technical Details

Construction Year: 2018 Number of Guests: 600 Number of Decks: 12 Cabins: 300 Tonnage: 40350 tons Length: 210.00 meter Width: 28.00 meter Speed: 19 knots