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Treatment of Cookies

Cookie Policy

The “cookie” technology is used to obtain information related to the user’s experience on a website. It also enables the usage of some services that need to trace the navigation of a user on the web pages.

What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is an information sent from a server or a browser that allows the server to collect information from the browser and viceversa. The cookie helps a website recognise the device the user is navigating on, in case the website is visited again. The cookies are used for many reasons: remembering a user’s access credentials and potential preferences, analyse the performance of a website to improve its fruition and allow the suggestion of contents that might be considered interesting for a user. The cookies are usually anonymous and can’t be reconnected to the personal data of a user. The first-party cookies are linked to the name of the domain of the page that is being visited and allow to identify the user through a crossed reference with a database. They can be allocated only upon an explicit request of the user that enables the immediate identification for reserved areas without having to manually enter the credentials for the login (username and password). The identity of the user is in any case directly included in the cookie and cannot be intercepted. Every time the user visits the website, independently from the presence or absence of cookies, the type of browser, the operative system and the host, together with the source URL of the visitor/user are registered, as well as the information on the requested page. Such data can be used in an aggregated and anonymous form to perform statistical analysis on the use of the website.

What kind of cookie do we use?

With the aim of supervision, web statistics and advertising activities, we use instruments that use cookies such as:
  • Google AdWords, for advertising activities of remarketing and retargeting
  • Google Analytics for the supervision, web statistics and advertising activities of remarketing and retargeting
  • Yandex Metrica for the supervision, web statistics (legal privacy)
The cookies used on the website are divided into 4 typologies: strictly necessary, performance, functional and identification. The website does not collect any personal data or information related to the user, unless he/she decides on purpose to enter them. The user can navigate on the website without divulging any identifiable information, included his/her e-mail address. By disabling the cookies, though, a few sections of the website might not work properly. 1. Strictly necessary cookies: they are essential for a correct functioning of the website. These cookies enable to provide services requested by the users and to navigate on the site using its best performances. They can’t be disabled, as they are necessary for the correct functioning of the site. 2. Performance and Functionality Cookies: they collect anonymous information on the page visited by a user. They are used to trace the most searched pages and are useful to improve the links between the pages and identify the reasons of possible error messages. The functionality cookies memorise the actions of the user to improve the online navigation. 3. Identification or advertising cookies: they collect information on the habits of navigation of a user in order to submit advertisement similar to the interests showed. Sensitive data are not traced.

What happens if the cookies have been not previously downloaded

The cookies are read and written according to the level of preference indicated in the cookies setting tool. The cookies already active before changing the settings remain on the computer and can be removed with the browser settings.

Further information on the cookie settings tool

A specific cookie is used to memorise the preferences of a user inside the cookie settings tool. If the cookies are removed, you will have to update all the preferences when you visit the website again. If the user uses a device, a computer or a browser different from the one normally used, it is necessary to set the preferences again.

Can we know if a user opens the emails we is sent?

The emails (newsletter) sent by Taoticket can convey information related to the opening and usage (click) of an email or newsletter. Such information can be used with different aims: an analysis of the contents i.e. understand what messages arouse more interest. The data are lost in the moment the email is deleted: from that moment on, it will not be possible to collect any additional information. The ones collected will be preserved.

Managing the cookies on the browser

Every kind of browser with Windows operative systems: Inter Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9; Firefox (last version); Safari Opera (last version). Browsers with Mac operative systems: Firefox (last version); Chrome (last version); Safari Opera (last version); Ambiente iOS. Browser con sistemi operativi Mac: Firefox (ultima versione); Chrome (ultima versione); Safari Opera (ultima versione); Ambiente iOS.