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When to go on a cruise, where to go and how to save without giving up anything

In this mini-guide you will find all the elements that will allow you to give answers to the questions that those who are about to choose a holiday sailing the seas ask themselves: what is the best time to go on a cruise? What are the most popular destinations and the peculiarities of dream itineraries such as Caribbean cruises or cruises in the fjords of Norway? And then: when to book a cruise to save on the ticket and what precautions to take to get the most out of your budget - holiday, without being faced with unexpected expenses?
Let's go in order.
There is absolutely no best time to go on a cruise. The cruise is a holiday suitable for every season and each period of the year has its most appropriate destinations, where you will find the best climate and sea conditions to be able to enjoy both the journey and the stay on board the ship, and the shore excursions.

When to go on a cruise The Mediterranean is the classic destination, central to the extraordinary variety of offers offered by cruise companies throughout the 12 months. The temperate climate and the almost always calm sea allow you to enjoy the ports, cities and their surrounding areas in relaxation even outside of the spring and summer seasons. Those who choose to go on a cruise in October should know that it is also a recommended month for ocean routes and for cruises that head to the coasts of North America, up to Alaska.
The autumn months are also the ideal period for cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean, towards Greece and Türkiye; or in the Adriatic, towards Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Albania. For those who choose to go on a cruise in November, when there is still a month left before the end-of-year holidays, the suggestion is to move your finger on the geographical map towards destinations with a warmer climate: the United Arab Emirates and the Red Sea, or, beyond beyond the Atlantic, focusing on the Caribbean, destinations that in this period are not yet taken by storm, as happens from the second half of December to mid-January.
The tropical landscapes of the Caribbean area, in the Atlantic, and of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean are the most desired destinations for those who decide to go on a cruise in December and perhaps spend their holidays there end of year holidays, in climatic conditions which, wanting to avoid the humid season, remain favorable until the end of May. The offers of the companies, which reserve the most comfortable and latest generation units for these routes, are numerous and within the reach of different segments of the public. It starts from spring until late summer for one of the most evocative destinations ever to visit on a cruise: the Norwegian fjords, which in this period offer the maximum in terms of light and climate expressing all their capacity for suggestion.

When to go on a Caribbean cruise

Caribbean at Christmas So I'm flying to overseas, to go and enjoy the endless summer in the tropical seas. But when to go on a cruise to the Caribbean? As mentioned, if you want to spend Christmas or New Year's Eve in a completely unusual atmosphere for us Europeans, the lounges and swimming pools of the large ships that sail on Caribbean atolls are the ideal vacation. Sea, mild climate, the possibility of moving from one location to another without losing a ray of sunshine. If you avoid the season at risk of hurricanes, between June and August - which overlaps with our summer, effectively making the Caribbean less attractive - you can choose the period without problems, taking into account however that our spring coincides with the months with climatic conditions more favorable. Light casual garments and costumes are the protagonists in the suitcase for this trip, in which an elegant suit for both him and her cannot be missing: choosing to go on a cruise in the Caribbean is an unforgettable experience also due to the unpredictability of the climate in the tropics . A light waterproof jacket and windproof trousers will be your insurance policy against every whim of the weather.

When to cruise the fjords of Norway

First rule: bring with you the best photographic equipment you have and free up the memory of your smartphone which will have to make room for hundreds of breathtaking images. Because choosing to go on a cruise in the Norwegian fjords means preparing to enjoy authentic spectacles of nature, seeing the glaciers melting, feeding cascate, the rocks that from very high altitudes seem to fall into the sea, the white nights with the midnight sun and the northern lights.

When to go to the fjords But when should you go on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords to be able to witness these wonders? The phenomenon of the sun never going below the horizon occurs in late spring and summer, in May and June; you have to wait until winter for the Northern Lights, a true work of natural art with arcs of colored light in the sky, which can be clearly observed in conditions of low light and low humidity typical of the period from autumn to spring: the best month to enjoy it from a cruise ship it is late September, when the climate is not yet affected by the rigors winters which have their weight in Norway. Venturing to latitudes not far from the North Pole requires you to bring adequate clothing to face the cold, especially on excursions, together with comfortable clothing for relaxing on board the ship. It will be a good idea to take precautions even if the trip takes place in the summer months: clothes suitable for mid-season, with hats, sweatshirts and raincoats, must not be missing in the luggage of anyone who has indulged in the pleasure of a cruise in the Norwegian fjords.

Tips to save on cruises

Select offers in time; have the possibility of being flexible in choosing dates, favoring those in which the rates are less expensive; be open to different destinations and itineraries: here are the golden rules for having fun on a ship while also making your wallet happy. But when, more precisely, is it best to book a cruise to save money?
Plan ahead: not everyone finds it easy to commit an average period of a week to dedicate to the cruise, projecting it far ahead in the calendar. But it is one of the best choices if you want to go on a cruise while saving money. It is important to pay attention to the offers that are launched by companies or retailers in one or more periods of the year, with discounts that can reach really significant percentages. On the opposite side, in terms of timeliness, there may also be advantages with the last minute, even if the companies are very capable of filling availability and it is not frequent that there are free cabins left to be sold at a discount. In this case the advantages can be obtained with packages regarding on-board services or excursions, as will be detailed later.

Saving on Cruises Be open in choosing the period: it is the key phrase to be able to save on the cruise ticket. Being able to combine an advance booking with the choice of the most advantageous combination on the calendar, when cabin prices are less expensive, is the safest way to get the most with the least expense. Better to forget about holidays or long weekends if you aim for the lowest price.
As for destinations, the possibility of identifying the most convenient offer in terms of price increases if you do not already have a pre-established itinerary or destination.
Important tip. Pay attention to the factors which, in the itinerary identified as most convenient, could affect the holiday: season, climate, weather and sea conditions. Once you have identified the ticket with the best price - which is naturally affected by the accommodation in the cabin, which must be thoroughly investigated before purchasing - it is not over yet: the bill on the on-board credit card risks becoming high if you don't play, here too , ahead of others two important items in the final budget for a cruise: on-board services and excursions. Drinks, including alcohol, coffee, drinks at the bar and by the pool and wine at the table, can also have a significant impact. The best solution to avoid surprises is to find out about the packages available that allow you to save, through various choices up to "all inclusive". Another item not to be overlooked is smartphone connectivity: on board the wifi is generally paid and doesn't cost cheap. Here too, there are packages and solutions that differ in terms of number of devices and volume of traffic. Inquiring and purchasing beforehand is easier.
Excursions during cruise port stops are another important expense item. Selecting the programs and offers at the same time as choosing the ticket is the best solution, in order to obtain the price discounts provided for booking in advance.