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Fill up yourself with Nature with a Cruise to the Indian Ocean!

Dreaming of exotic holidays far from the hustle of the everyday life? The islands that decorate the Indian Ocean are exactly what you need. The Scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean that populate these waters, have been declared are natural reserves: their environmental balance never changes and the varieties of flora and fauna that characterize this area are constantly kept intact. Among the biggest islands that a cruise ship can reach, Madagascar is definitely the most remarkable. It is the fourth biggest island in the world and it is located off the Eastern coast of Africa. The island hosts about 5% of the animal and plant species of the world, the majority of which are typical of this area. Read more...


Cruises in the Indian Ocean: what to see?

Book your cruise for the Indian Ocean with Taoticket and take advantage of the offers of the moment! You can make unique trips at favorable prices with the assistance of our operators: they will understand your needs and offer you the lowest rates available for a perfect holiday. You can choose your favorite itinerary among all kinds and make your cruise in the Indian Ocean truly unique with excursions to dreamlike places. Among the largest islands accessible by cruise ships, Madagascar is definitely noteworthy. It is the fourth largest island in the world and is located off the east coast of Africa. The island is the home of around 5% animal and plant species in the world, most of which are characteristics of this area. You can find the smallest chameleon species in the world and go to the Lemurian Zoo in Tamatave to check lemurs or visit Amber Mountains National Park to admire the beauty of the rainforest and the volcano lake. You can stop off at Tamatave, where you will come into contact with the life of the locals and discover their habits; you can visit characteristic markets, including the Bazary Be or enjoy the beaches of this area, among the most beautiful in the world.

Madagascar is the ideal destination for those who love direct contact with nature, where you can enjoy a heavenly scenario. The shades of the colors of the sea and the white sand will leave you breathless. You will feel a full relaxation like never had before. Are you wondering how to reach the breathtaking destinations? You can take Costa Cruises to Madagascar, together with Seychelles and Mauritius, and immerse yourself in the dream destinations par excellence. The discovery of the Seychelles dates back to the sixteenth century by Vasco de Gama, which played a fundamental role in trade between Africa and Asia for the strategic position.

The islands are inhabited by a mix of European, African and Asian culture, which is why different cultures coexist peacefully and merge together. With an Indian Ocean Cruise, you can discover the traditions of these places and feel like real explorers. You will try exotic foods and experience a real adventure on land and then take advantage of the most sophisticated comforts on board. This area of the world, coveted by travelers from all over the world, will offer you breathtaking landscapes, lush vegetation and a variety of animal species that you will become a zoophile even if you never imagined it.

If you are a nature lover and looking for pristine vegetation, don`t miss the Black River Gorges National Park in Port Louis (Mauritius), where rich forests and waterfalls reign. Don`t forget your camera, here you can give voice to the artist in you! Also in Port Louis you can witness a true natural spectacle that is the multicolored volcanic ashes, which take on different shades for a truly spectacular effect.

Taoticket guarantees you with the most convenient prices for your cruise and flight. And if you want to extend your holiday, just ask! Let us recommend the resort or hotel that suits you and enjoy this paradise a few days more. Contact us to receive your personalized holiday package at the most low-cost prices of the moment, we will fulfill your wishes!

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23410 ---- 17791
logo Regent
from SEK202,169
Tour Operator Regent
Ship Seven Seas Mariner
Depart from Cape Town
Length 28 Nights
Departure Date 28 February 2022
Arrival Date 28 March 2022

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---- 8720
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from SEK89,538
Tour Operator Silversea
Ship Silver Explorer
Depart from Colombo
Length 16 Nights
Departure Date 03 May 2022
Arrival Date 19 May 2022

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5073 ---- 3145
logo Cunard
from SEK35,456
Tour Operator Cunard
Ship Queen Elizabeth
Depart from Barcelona
Length 20 Nights
Departure Date 10 October 2022
Arrival Date 30 October 2022

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2560 ---- 2099
logo Azamara
from SEK27,406
Tour Operator Azamara
Ship Azamara Quest
Depart from Dubai
Length 14 Nights
Departure Date 26 November 2022
Arrival Date 10 December 2022

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---- 6210
logo Silversea
from SEK63,765
Tour Operator Silversea
Ship Silver Spirit
Depart from Singapore
Length 16 Nights
Departure Date 08 March 2023
Arrival Date 24 March 2023

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2592 ---- 1892
logo Azamara
from SEK25,177
Tour Operator Azamara
Ship Azamara Journey
Depart from Dubai
Length 15 Nights
Departure Date 20 November 2023
Arrival Date 05 December 2023

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