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Every year, the calendar reserves bridges and holidays strategically distributed and offers various opportunities to book a cruise. In order to take a vacation, everyone must carefully plan their available holidays and consider work commitments: What better alternative to taking advantage of a bridge or a national holiday to give yourself a quality break, the cruise that has long been postponed? Taoticket has developed a variety of offers and promotions tailored to every holiday period and offers the best destinations based on the number of available days, seasonal weather conditions, and traveler preferences. Celebrating Christmas and toasting the New Year on an exotic beach or aboard an exclusive ship is a desire that we have all expressed at least once. There are many possibilities to make it come true: Christmas holidays are ideal for cruises in Brazil and South America, India and the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates and Oman, the Caribbean, and South Africa.
The weeks around mid-August are the period when it is easiest to take long vacations. Our packages for this period are varied and interesting for all types of travelers: the Mediterranean is the ultimate summer destination, with sea, culture, and relaxation, but summer offers the ideal climate and light for a cruise in the Baltic and Northern Europe, or for a route between Canada and Alaska. The Caribbean, Mexico, and Florida are a dream come true.
For those who love to travel outside the crowded periods and willingly take a break from the autumn climate, the All Saints’ Day Bridge is the right opportunity for a cruise to the Tropics or for an itinerary in the Mediterranean towards the Canary Islands, which offer a mild and pleasantly ventilated climate. The Immaculate Conception Bridge is instead the best climatic period for a trip to India, the Caribbean, Jamaica, Barbados, Mexico, and Florida.
Late winter and spring are full of travel opportunities: Valentine’s Day is ideal for a romantic break in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe, or the Maldives, while the week of Easter and the bridges of April 25th and May 1st, as well as itineraries in Croatia, Greece, Malta, or the Balearic Islands, are the perfect time for a well-deserved vacation among beaches, Caribbean islands, and colonial cities in the Gulf of Mexico.
The June 2nd Bridge is ideal for a cruise in the Mediterranean, which, with its mild climate and lush vegetation, is at its peak of beauty. The period is also perfect for a cruise in the North Sea and among the Norwegian fjords, accompanied by the midnight sun. Our offers include tailor-made packages for families with children, couples, and singles.
Discover the offers for year-round cruises on our website, take advantage of promotions and competitive prices, and give yourself the trip you desire.

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