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Venezuela, Ecuador, Australia

San Cristobal Itinerary Galapagos
from $11,662.87
price per person Taxes included
Silver Origin | Nov 9, 2024
Duration: 7 nights
Departure from: San Cristobal Landing: San Cristobal
1. San Cristobal,
2. El Barranco,
3. Bahia Darwin,
4. North Seymour Island,
5. Sullivan Bay,
7. Punta Moreno,
8. Santa Fe Island,
9. Eden,
10. Gardner Bay,
11. Punta Suarez,
12. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno,
13. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno,
14. San Cristobal
sold out


Baltra Itinerary Galapagos
from $15,992.58
price per person Taxes included
Celebrity Flora | Jun 8, 2025
Duration: 7 nights
Departure from: Baltra Landing: Baltra
1. Baltra,
2. Puerto Egas,
3. Rabida,
4. Elizabeth Bay,
5. Caleta Tagus,
6. Sullivan Bay,
7. Bartolome Island,
8. Las Bachas,
9. Daphne Island,
10. North Seymour Island,
11. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno,
12. Punta Pitt,
13. Puerto Ayora,
14. Baltra
2 cruises

Galapagos: Curiosities and suggestions

Read the most frequently asked questions and answers by cruisers about the destination {zone}

The Galapagos Islands are an exclusive destination that is difficult to reach so cruises to this area usually have very high prices, usually starting from €5,000 per person, excluding flights. The ships that make Galapagos cruises are small in size to respect the marine environment as much as possible and offer top-notch services on board.
The best time for a cruise to the Galapagos Islands is during the months from January to April when temperatures are milder and rainfall is low. Spring is the ideal season for swimming while for those who want to make the most of excursions to see the natural beauties of the Galapagos the ideal months are between July and November. However, it is possible to find cruises to the Galapagos Islands year-round.
The Galapagos Islands, belonging to the state of Ecuador, are located just under 1,000 km west of the coast of South America. The volcanic Galapagos Islands archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean at the Equator.

Do you dream of taking a cruise to the Galapagos? Do you want to experience the comforts of a four-star floating hotel and at the same time discover the wonders of a wild and unspoiled land? Here is all you need to know for a cruise to the Galapagos Islands, a land of contrasts and immense beauty, a natural paradise for many species of animals and birds.



What is the best time for a cruise to Galapagos?

The Galapagos Islands extend both north and south of the Equator. The particular location makes it a place where the temperature is pleasant throughout the year and never below 18 degrees. The climate in the Galapagos Islands basically involves two seasons. One is the wet season which covers from December to May. In this period of time, the temperature is between 23 and 30 degrees and  the rain leaves as quickly as it arrives.

A special feature of this season is the sea water temperature: it is always very hot so it is perfect for swimming and diving for snorkeling. In this season the Galapagos become the meeting point also for many different species such as iguana, albatrosses, flamingos, white-cheeked pintails, turtles and the curious blue-legged boodies.

From June to December, on the other hand, the temperatures are decidedly cooler but without ever falling below 18 degrees and rainfall remains scarce. Characteristic of the season is a light fog that often darkens the sky while the sea becomes cold and many animal species prefer to emigrate to other places. The best season in which you can organize your Galapagos cruise is undoubtedly the one that corresponds to our winter.

The Galapagos Islands constitute an archipelago of volcanic origin composed of many small islands. They are considered the privileged point of view from which to observe nature given the still uncontaminated environments and the wild beauty that characterizes these islands. The most famous place in the Galapagos is Santa Cruz, the island where the Charles Darwin Research Center is located, which deals with the study and conservation of the biodiversity of the archipelago. On the island you can admire giant tortoises (April is the month of egg hatching) and pink flamingos.

The Bartolome Island is perhaps one of the most visited as it is the home of sea turtles and includes a natural park in which penguins, rays and sharks live together freely. Penguins are easily seen especially in September.

The San Cristobal Island, with the town of Cerro Brujo, is the site of the first landing of Charles Darwin. Here you can admire sea lions, marine and terrestrial iguanas but above all pelicans. On the other hand, Fernandina is the most pristine island in the Galapagos archipelago. The island was formed through the stratification and solidification of volcanic lava and presents an almost lunar landscape. Here the natural wingless cormorants and iguanas find their natural home.

The flamingos prefer the Isabela Island: the characteristically shaped birds can be seen especially in the months of July and August, perhaps during a trek that traces the slopes of the Sierra Negra volcano. On the Espanola island, precisely in the town of Punta Suarez, from May to December it is possible to see the albatrosses that choose this place to mate and give birth to the babies.

Finally, the Floreana Island is perfect for bird watching but it is also famous for the Post Office Bay: from the end of the 1700s the sailors positioned a barrel in this bay where it was possible to leave the letters addressed to the families collected by the passing ship that took care of the delivery.

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