All the best destinations for your cruise

There is no destination in the world that cannot be reached with a cruise. The Taoticket catalog ranges from classic destinations for a charming cruise to more unusual and adventurous ones. Check out our offers with the best cruise destinations around the world, organized by major Italian and international navigation companies. You will find affordable packages alongside fully customizable super-luxury proposals, and you can choose from destinations at all latitudes, to depart at any time of the year. For those who have little time and love the atmospheres of art cities, a river cruise in Europe is a refined solution. Limited distances, mild climate, and the undisputed charm of nature, sea, culture, and history are the highlights of a cruise in the Mediterranean, with its ports and islands, and with the possibility of venturing into the Middle East. Those who prefer Nordic and wild nature with its boundless spaces will opt for a cruise in Northern Europe or, for a more extreme choice, in Alaska. For extra-European destinations, just express your desires and visit the continents that fascinate the most: from the Orient to South Africa, from North to South America, up to the magic of Oceania, the cruise offers the possibility of combining onboard life during crossings with a personalized program of stops, visits, and excursions on naturalistic, cultural, archaeological, or adventurous themes, to delve into the territory and experience the places. If the cruise is the opportunity to celebrate a special moment in life, like a honeymoon, a wedding anniversary, a graduation, or a job promotion, exotic destinations often have a special appeal: Cuba and the Caribbean with their sensuality or the archipelagos with romantic atmospheres: Mauritius, Seychelles, Hawaii, Polynesia. The cruise is also exploration and adventure: the transoceanic trips, the rare destinations such as Patagonia and the northern glaciers, to the Tour of the World, the “living journey” between land and sea that every traveler dreams of. Discover our offers for all price ranges and find your next cruise destination!