River Cruises

Experiencing a river cruise is the best way to admire and immerse yourself in the culture of the world’s major capitals from a unique perspective: that of the world’s major waterways.

As far as Europe is concerned, there are several rivers that allow you to experience a different kind of cruise from the common, namely an oceanic one. The Danube, for example, the main artery of the old continent, originates in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany and extends for over 2,800 kilometers, touching some of the oldest European cities including Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bratislava, and Ulm. The Rhine, also known as ’the romantic river,’ originates in Switzerland, covering six countries and offering some of the most romantic scenery available in Northern Europe. The classic romance of river cruises also continues on the Seine in France, with itineraries ranging from Honfleur to Normandy, passing through the iconic and inimitable Paris, the city of love.

But river cruises are not only the best way to savor the European spirit exclusively. Every traveler’s to-do list also includes the iconic Nile cruise, a unique travel experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the millennia-old history of a territory that has always been synonymous with mystery and wonder: Egypt. Moving east the Mekong, in Asia, instead allows you to travel along six different nations including Cambodia, China, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, millennial countries rich in history to enjoy fully during the long stops available on most of the routes available in the region. As a leader in the sector, Taoticket boasts the most competitive prices on the market, including in the river cruises sector, allowing you to explore the world from a different perspective at the best price.