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Bilbao, located on the Northern coast of Iberian Peninsula, is the ideal starting point to visit this area of Spain. Tourists come here to enjoy the beaches, discover its culture and absorb its mild climate. With one of Europe's largest ports, the vibrant city has been able to invest in a redevelopment plan, trasforming its brownfield sites into cutting-edge cultural and architectural venues.

But it is its historic center, which continues to fascinate with its stores, alleys and monuments. The city was officially founded in the 1300s, consolidating its economic position. Thanks to the exploitation of mining and steel industry areas, port and ship activity and its financial center, the city became one of the most important cities during the Industrial Revolution. 

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Northern Europe: Spain, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Denmark

Bilbao Itinerary Northern Europe
from €503.00
price per person Taxes included
4 reservations in 48 hours
Holiday Breaks Drinks
MSC Poesia | 23 Apr 2025
Duration: 6 nights
Departure from: Bilbao Landing: Copenaghen
1. Bilbao,
2. navigation,
3. Southampton,
4. Le Havre,
5. Rotterdam,
6. navigation,
7. Copenaghen

Mediterranean: Spain, Portugal, Morocco

Bilbao Itinerary Mediterranean
from €3,809.00
price per person Taxes included
11 reservations in 48 hours
Vista | 4 Sep 2025
Duration: 10 nights
Departure from: Bilbao Landing: Barcelona
1. Bilbao,
2. Gijon,
3. La Coruna,
4. Oporto,
5. Lisbon,
6. Lisbon,
7. Tanger,
8. Almeria,
9. Cartagena ,
10. Palma de Mallorca,
11. Barcelona
2 cruises

A modern and transportation network connects Bilbao to other cities in Spain. Thanks to its beautiful beaches, the city is the ideal destination for beach lovers. Beaches are not the only attractions in Bilbao, there are very fascinating places besides the beautiful beaches: the Cathedral of Santiago, located in the heart of the Old Town (Casco Viejo) is dedicated to the apostle Santiago, the official patron saint of the city of Bilbao since 1643.

Built at the end of the 14th century in the Gothic style, the neo-Gothic tower and façade were made by Severino Achúcarro in late 1887. The Old Bridge of San Antonio is located next to the church of the same name. Pablo de Alzola and Ernesto Hoffmeyer built a second bridge in 1877 but it was destroyed during the Civil War in 1937. San Antonio Bridge dates from the early 20th century, also known as the Atxuri Bridge, connecting the old neighborhood to the rest of the city. For nature lovers, the city is surrounded by a fertile landscape of forests, mountains, beaches, and cliffs that make Bilbao a tourist destination. A holiday aboard a cruise offers the opportunity to visit this beautiful city and partecipate in one of these unique activities.

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