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Tips for your Cruise

How to dress on a cruise?

On the eve of a holiday, there is probably no more fun suitcase to pack than the one that accompanies us on board a ship: lots of space available, the convenience of leaving your luggage at check-in and finding it directly in the cabin, the pleasure of visiting different cities, ports and destinations, encountering multiple landscapes and cultures, finding your wardrobe every evening. A bit of everything goes into the luggage to prepare for the cruise. From casual and sporty clothing for life on board and excursions, to elegant clothing for gala evenings.

How to dress for a Mediterranean cruise

When choosing, it is important to consider the itinerary. What are the differences compared to a cruise in Northern Europe? You will certainly need lighter clothing, obviously taking into account the season in which you are traveling. The "weight" of the wardrobe becomes even lighter if the destination is the Caribbean or North Africa or the Arab countries.

How to dress on a cruise These are essentially always valid indications. The difference is given by the itineraries and the season in which you are on board. The fundamental advice for the best preparation of your luggage is to obtain the most detailed information possible on the travel program, in order to always prepare and have with you the most suitable clothing and accessories.

Following this recommendation, clothing preferences will have to respond to three typical situations, each of which requires a specific choice: the time spent during the actual navigation; dinners and evenings in general on the ship; shore excursions. Taking into account that it will not take up space for clothes in the suitcases, everything that we will already find in our cabin: sheets and towels, beach towels, soap, shampoo and shower gel, hairdryer.

For life on board, in any season of the year, the indicated choice is casual and sporty clothing, also to be able to better enjoy the activities and attractions linked to movement, fitness or well-being in the Spa. Swimsuits and sandals are essential to take advantage of the swimming pools and hydromassage. Technical clothing with tracksuit, t-shirt and sports shoes if you intend to use the gym, the jogging path and the various sporting activity opportunities on the ships.

In the evenings on the ship the opportunities for entertainment follow one another continuously. They are marked by theme parties, restaurants, casinos, discos. There is at least one evening with a gala dinner on every cruise, when he has to wear a suit with jacket, shirt and trousers; In her suitcase it's better to have a couple of elegant outfits, short or long, to show off with heels or ballet flats. It is a good idea to ask for information on the programs before departure: some moments on board are sometimes associated with specific dress codes. The entertainment could include themed parties: following the instructions provided can increase the fun.

What to bring on a cruise

On What to bring on a cruise - whether we are talking about a Costa, MSC, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean cruise - however, there are more indications than obligations: transgression of the rules is accepted in the name of freedom and carefreeness which is sovereign. Even jeans find space on a gala evening just a few steps away from the couple who are living the dream of a fairytale trip in a tuxedo and long dress with sequins.

What to bring on a cruise An important part of the cruise suitcase houses casual clothing and comfortable shoes for excursions. A backpack is essential for everything you need to have on hand, a camera for those who haven't yet completely replaced it with a smartphone, the indispensable power bank and related cables for charging your cell phone. The rest depends on the location and season, it is important to consult the excursion program and the company's suggestions. Hat and sunglasses, windbreaker, a k-way and folding umbrella, depending on the conditions. A scarf or pashmina is always useful: a panacea against the cold, shelter from overly aggressive air conditioning on the transfer journey or even a useful cover for visiting places of worship.

When preparing your luggage for the cruise, you should also note down what you cannot bring in your suitcase: accessories such as an iron, hair straightener or small electronics are off limits. household appliances that heat, to comply with on-board safety regulations. On the other hand, there are hair stylists and laundry services on board.

No limitations, however, for the gadgets that accompany us on the crossing: books, electronic devices, cards and board games. The important thing is not to abuse the freedom of baggage: the limit is excessive weight. Companies can provide a weight range between 20 and 30 kg - it is essential to inform yourself in advance - for the baggage to be checked in without a surcharge. And don't forget the souvenirs: it's difficult to give up buying them once you're travelling. These also take up space and... weight.