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Month by month discover all the Swan Hellenic cruises departing to numerous destinations around the world.

7 cruises

Northern Europe: Iceland

Reykjavik Itinerary Northern Europe
from ₩9,385,330
price per person Taxes included
26 reservations in 36 hours
SH Diana | Jun 1, 2024
Duration: 8 nights
Departure from: Reykjavik Landing: Reykjavik
1. Reykjavik,
2. Dynjandi,
3. Isafjordur,
4. Grimsey,
5. Akureyri,
6. Seydisfjordur,
7. Djupivogur,
8. Heimaey,
9. Reykjavik

Northern Europe: Ireland, United Kingdom, Faroe Islands, Iceland

Dublin Itinerary Northern Europe
from ₩9,540,585
price per person Taxes included
25 reservations in 48 hours
SH Vega | Jun 3, 2024
Duration: 12 nights
Departure from: Dublin Landing: Reykjavik
1. Dublin,
2. Portsmouth,
3. Skye,
4. Ullapool,
5. Lerwick,
6. Stromness,
7. Torshavn,
8. Djupivogur,
9. Eskifjörður,
10. Grimsey,
11. Akureyri,
12. Isafjordur,
13. Reykjavik

Northern Europe: Svalbard

Longyearbyen Itinerary Northern Europe
from ₩12,717,229
price per person Taxes included
26 reservations in 36 hours
SH Vega | Jul 7, 2024
Duration: 7 nights
Departure from: Longyearbyen Landing: Longyearbyen
1. Longyearbyen,
2. Svalbard,
8. Longyearbyen

Northern Europe: Norway, Svalbard

Tromsoe Itinerary Northern Europe
from ₩10,822,202
price per person Taxes included
23 reservations in 48 hours
SH Diana | Jul 10, 2024
Duration: 10 nights
Departure from: Tromsoe Landing: Tromsoe
1. Tromsoe,
2. Bear Island,
3. Svalbard,
4. Svalbard,
5. Svalbard,
6. Svalbard,
7. Svalbard,
8. Svalbard,
9. Skarsvåg,
10. Alta,
11. Tromsoe

Greenland: Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Denmark

Reykjavik Itinerary Greenland
from ₩17,047,632
price per person Taxes included
22 reservations in 36 hours
SH Vega | Aug 30, 2024
Duration: 10 nights
Departure from: Reykjavik Landing: Kangerlussuaq
1. Reykjavik,
3. Skjolden,
4. Aappilattoq,
6. Nuuk,
7. Sisimiut,
8. Ilulissat,
9. Ilulissat,
10. Kangerlussuaq,
11. Kangerlussuaq

Greek islands: Greece, Turkey

Il Pireo Itinerary Greek islands
from ₩14,817,741
price per person Taxes included
25 reservations in 36 hours
SH Diana | Sep 5, 2024
Duration: 11 nights
Departure from: Il Pireo Landing: Istanbul
1. Il Pireo,
2. Monemvasia,
3. Milo,
4. Retimo,
5. Mandraki,
6. Rhodes,
7. Patmos,
8. Kusadasi,
9. Chio,
10. Mitilene,
11. Canakkale,
12. Istanbul

Antarctic: Argentina

Ushuaia Itinerary Antarctic
from ₩31,495,500
price per person Taxes included
22 reservations in 48 hours
SH Minerva | Oct 20, 2024
Duration: 17 nights
Departure from: Ushuaia Landing: Ushuaia
1. Ushuaia,
4. Antarctic Sound,
5. Antarctic Sound,
6. Antarctic Sound,
7. Antarctic Peninsula,
8. Antarctic Peninsula,
9. Antarctic Peninsula,
12. Ushuaia
7 cruises

Curiosità e consigli su Swan Hellenic

Curious about Swan Hellenic cruises? Discover the answers to your questions in the box below.

Swan Hellenic cruises are experiences dedicated to discovery, a full immersion in the landscapes and cultures of the places visited. Swan Hellenic ships can accommodate no more than 152 passengers and are ideal for those who want to get away from the environment of large cruise ships without giving up a vacation on the sea.
Swan Hellenic cruises include flights, transfers and hotel nights when necessary. The cruise includes meals on board, 24-hour room service, tips and taxes, coffee, tea, soft drinks and selected alcoholic beverages. You will also be able to attend lectures by experts in the field and use Wi-Fi. During excrusions a Parka and rubber boots suitable for polar regions will be provided.
The best period for a cruise to Antarctica with Swan Hellenic is from November to March, during the southern hemisphere summer season. The warmest months are December and January, in this period you can easily see, whales, seals, penguins and polar bears. However, temperatures rarely exceed 15°C and are often below freezing.

Swan Hellenic: the prices of Luxury cruises

Swan Hellenic offers exclusive cruises to the most remote areas of the planet, such as the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic region. The price of these cruises includes meals, wi-fi service, soft drinks, room service and tips. This company often activates promotions and offers, check our website for the best prices for an unforgettable holiday.
Swan Hellenic: the most exclusive destinations
If you want to explore the arctic or antarctica with all the comforts of a luxury cruise, Swan Hellenic is the one for you. The Svalbard Islands, Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen, Iceland are just some of the destinations you can visit. The ships Swan Hellenic, SH Minerva, SH Vega and SH Diana, in fact, reach the most extreme points of the planet such as Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia and Punta Arenas in Patagonia.
Breathtaking landscapes await you, wild animals in the most difficult areas for humans to reach. Swan hellenic offers customized excursions aboard Zodiac to reach the most remote and surprising islands.

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