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Live the adventure on board of Star Clippers’ Sailing Ships!

A Star Clippers cruise is an inimitable experience that combines cruise life, the comforts and the dream destinations with real super exclusive sailing ships that will make you feel like on a private yacht. Star Clippers’ sailing ships are not big to make the guests feel cuddled and to create a more intimate atmosphere: your holiday will be unforgettable not only for the places you’re going to visit, but for the quality of time you’ll spend with your family and friends on board of novel-like ships. Check all our deals with Star Clippers. Star Clippers is a cruise company founded in the ‘90s. Their fleet is composed of three sailing ships, Royal Clipper, Star Clipper and Star Flyer. Royal Clipper take inspiration from the legendary Preussen - sailing ship built in 1902 – and is the one 5-masted ship built after its predecessor. Royal Clipper is equipped with the highest navigation technology, without overlooking elegance and comfort. The on board service is impeccable, to say the least and you will feel like in a ultramodern yacht. Star Clipper and Star Flyer are floating jewels. The elegance dominates everywhere: from the cabins, equipped with all the comforts and furnished with the highest luxury and sophistication, to the restaurants, that offer gourmet specialties that will satisfy even the finest palates. With Star Clipper, even the most classic itinerary becomes special. You can go to the Caribbean Islands choosing the sailing ship you prefer. The itineraries are different, so you can visit also the most remote and exotic areas of these magical islands. Visit the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Dominica, Guadeloupe and many more, the Caribbean Islands on board of Star Clipper’s ships have a total different taste. If you love to travel and you’re into the idea of living an ocean crossing, you can finally fulfil your dream with an Ocean Cruise departing from Bridgetown and arriving at Civitavecchia. For those who love the Old Continent and are in search of the roots of their traditions, there are more classic but not less exciting itineraries: reach Syracuse, la Valletta, Malaga, Ibiza and many more, for original itineraries that you won’t see with any other cruise company.
Star Clipper is the company that makes your cruise different from the other and will transform you into a special guest deserving every attention.
Ticketcrociere give you the opportunity to book your unique holiday on board of these sailing ships, on which you will dominate the sea and discover uncontaminated areas never reached by any cruise company. Take a look on our website all the departures and take advantage of the offers of the moment to book your unforgettable holiday at the best rates! The holidays are few, just make these days unforgettable.

A Cruise with Star Clippers is different from all the other cruises. it’s up to you to decide what to do, as there is no program. You can organize your time according to your needs, there’s no need to look at the watch not even once. Everything on board of these sailing ships is special. In some itineraries, musicians and artists get on board to entertain you and let you taste their culture.
The cuisine on Star Clippers’ sailing ships will stimulate all of your senses. From the abundant breakfast in the morning, with all the kinds of products, to your lunch with tasty grilled food and salads, your gluttony will be whetted all-holiday long. During some itineraries you can also join amazing barbecues on the beach!
The cabins and the suites are equipped with every comforts to make you feel cuddled and you don’t miss anything. The furniture is sophisticated and the materials are precious. Don’t be scared, though, there’s no need of gowns or tuxedos! Casual chic is the key word, you will feel at ease always.
Taoticket give you the chance to live this unforgettable experience and make you feel special. On our website you can always find offers and last minutes always active, as our main goal is your satisfaction. Taoticket have the most competitive rates on the market and offer you a personalized holiday package according to your needs. We offer the flight from the city you want to reach the embarkation port or, why not, to spend a few days more before or after your fantastic cruise on a sailing ship. You will feel like a king on Star Clippers’ ships, everyone will be jealous of your exclusive holiday.
If you want to celebrate a particular event, Star Clippers is the solution. Why not organizing your honeymoon on a dream sailing ship? Fresh fruit and champagne to celebrate the best day of your life. 100% privacy, sun and open sea, the sun reflecting on the white sails. And you, enjoying a breathtaking view from the main mast. Taoticket makes your honeymoon magical! Choose the sailing ship you like the most among: Royal Clipper, Star Clipper o Star Flyer and contact our operators. It will be a unique adventure.