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Swan Hellenic: the prices of Luxury cruises

Swan Hellenic offers exclusive cruises to the most remote areas of the planet, such as the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic region. The price of these cruises includes meals, wi-fi service, soft drinks, room service and tips. This company often activates promotions and offers, check our website for the best prices for an unforgettable holiday. Read more...
Swan Hellenic: the most exclusive destinations
If you want to explore the arctic or antarctica with all the comforts of a luxury cruise, Swan Hellenic is the one for you. The Svalbard Islands, Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen, Iceland are just some of the destinations you can visit. The ships Swan Hellenic, SH Minerva, SH Vega and SH Diana, in fact, reach the most extreme points of the planet such as Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia and Punta Arenas in Patagonia.
Breathtaking landscapes await you, wild animals in the most difficult areas for humans to reach. Swan hellenic offers customized excursions aboard Zodiac to reach the most remote and surprising islands.
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