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Emerald Cruises: high-end refined cruises

Emerald Cruises is a luxury river cruise company which also owns 2 ultra luxury yachts. Emerald Cruises ships sail on the main European rivers, in South-East Asia or to discover the most fascinating coasts of the world with its 5-star yachts. River cruises Emerald Cruises
Emerald Cruises' ships mainly navigate European rivers but the company also offers Mekong cruises aboard Emerald Harmony to visit Vietnam and Cambodia. Those who wish to stay in Europe can easily visit the main cities of our continent with all the comforts of a cruise. Emerald Cruises offers exclusive and personalized services on board, the ships are equipped with excellent suites and the staff is always attentive and courteous to passengers.

Yacht cruises: Emerald Azzurra and Emerald Sakara
Emerald Cruises yachts are modern and equipped with every comfort imaginable on board. Emerald Azzurra (2022) and Emerald Sakara (2023) will let you discover the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea, the United Arab Emirates, the Caribbean, the Canary Islands and the Greek islands from a new and surprising point of view. On board the number of passengers is limited, you will feel like you are on a private yacht, pampered by the staff and immersed in luxury. Discover on our website the itineraries available for a dream cruise vacation.