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3 cruises

Northern Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Antwerp Itinerary Northern Europe
from TRY 277,199.55
price per person Taxes included
12 reservations in 36 hours
Seven Seas Voyager | Jul 12, 2024
Duration: 9 nights
Departure from: Antwerp Landing: Belfast
1. Antwerp,
2. Amsterdam,
3. Amsterdam,
4. London,
5. navigation,
6. Newhaven,
7. Invergordon,
8. Lerwick,
9. Portree,
10. Belfast

Northern Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland

Antwerp Itinerary Northern Europe
from TRY 341,231.97
price per person Taxes included
15 reservations in 48 hours
Seven Seas Voyager | Jul 27, 2025
Duration: 11 nights
Departure from: Antwerp Landing: Southampton
1. Antwerp,
2. Amsterdam,
3. Newcastle upon Tyne,
4. Newhaven,
5. Invergordon,
6. navigation,
7. Liverpool,
8. Belfast,
9. Dún Laoghaire,
10. Cork,
11. navigation,
12. Southampton

Mediterranean: Belgium, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy

Antwerp Itinerary Mediterranean
from TRY 235,703.68
price per person Taxes included
11 reservations in 36 hours
Sirena | Sep 22, 2025
Duration: 26 nights
Departure from: Antwerp Landing: Civitavecchia
1. Antwerp,
2. Zeebrugge,
3. Le Havre,
4. navigation,
5. Dublin,
6. navigation,
7. Nantes,
8. Bordeaux,
9. Bordeaux,
10. San Sebastian,
11. Gijon,
12. navigation,
13. Lisbon,
14. Portimao,
15. Casablanca,
16. Cadiz,
17. Cadiz,
18. Cadiz,
19. Cadiz,
20. Tanger,
21. Almeria,
22. navigation,
23. Barcelona,
24. Barcelona,
25. Marseille,
26. Livorno,
27. Civitavecchia
3 cruises

Antwerp, located in the heart of Belgium, is a city that captivates lots of visitors with its rich history, impressive architecture and its vibrant culturale scene. Renowned worldwide as the capital of diamonds, Antwerp offers much more than glittering jewels; it is a place where art, fashion and design come together to create a unique and stimulating atmoshpere. Antwerp cruises are the best way to discover this cosmopolitan city, sailing along the Scheldt River looking at urban landscapes that tell stories full of trade, art and history.

Antwerp's buttom is the imponent gothic Cathedral, the Cathedral of Our Lady, that dominates the city skyline with its elegant spire. Not only is this unique building an architectural masterpiece, but it also host some of the most important Pieter Paul Ruben's works, one of the most famous Flemish painter born in the city. Not so distant from the Cathedral, the Grote Markt, the main square, is surrounded by medieval guilds that nowadays house cafes and restaurants, offering a perfect example of Flemish Renaissance architecture.

In addition to its historical heritage, Antwerp is a fashion capital and its fashion districts attracts emerging designers and famous brands. Visitors can take a look at different unique shops and designers' showrooms, having the opportunity to see the latest Flemish fashion trends. Antwerp's art scene is also very vibrant, there are many cultural experiences such as the ones in Plantin-Moretus Museum, UNESCO World Heritage site, and M HKA, the contemporary art museum of the city.
Enjoy a cruise that includes Antwerp in your itinerary is an incredible experience that offers the opportunity to immerse youself in the history, art and culture of one of Belgium's most fascinating cities.
Antwerp, with its unique mix of tradition and innovation, promises an unforgettable, full of discovers and inspirations stay.

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