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The company announced the construction of 3 Ultra Luxury Yachts featuring 149 suites, each of them with a private verandah and up to 500 square meters wide. The Ritz-Carlton Yachts will host up to 298 passengers at a time, guaranteeing an intimate atmosphere and a personalized service for each guest, as well as various itineraries to visit.
The length of the single cruises is from 7 to 14 nights – it is also possible to combine two or more itineraries to discover the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Canada and Northern Europe

The guests can choose among 5 possible geographical areas to visit, according to their tastes:
1) Iconic Sights - for those who love history and architecture
2) Stirring the Senses - wellness-focused cruises
3) Cultural Connections - perfect for the lovers of the environment and nature
4) Active Explorations - for the soft-adventure enthusiast
5) Epicurean Experience - to the lovers of good food we suggest such wine-gastronomical experiences on cruise.

Stay tuned to discover all the details of this exclusive cruise company!
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