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Luxury Cruises with Windstar Cruises

Imagine you are looking at the stars, with a ground noise, the sails against the wind and the waves skimming over the ship. This is the Windstar Cruises experience. The company offers a unique cruise experience combining the traditional art of sailing with the modern technology. The ships are pretty small so they can reach inaccessible places for others, but big enough to offer a range of treatment and a sophisticated entertaining, an extraordinary service and luxurious cabins as well as a casually elegant life on board. Check all our deals with Windstar Cruises. Teak Decks dominated by white sails. Travelling on a luxurious Windstar cruise, you will feel just like your private yacht. Luxurious service, gourmet cuisine and stop-overs in the most exotic and unique ports in the world. The destination list include the Greek Islands, Italy, Europe or the Caribbeans’ warm water and Costa Rica. With less than 320 passengers on board, you will find soon the freedom of escaping to explore the world in your own way. You will fall in love with these ships and with its itineraries! In this company, more informal than the majority of the other cruise lines, the passengers can chat with the officers on the deck.