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Avignon is a city of Southern France with ancestral origins. The area on which the city is now has been inhabited by humans since the Stone Age. The city has been property of many populations such as the Romans and the Burgundi. It then became independent and afterwards, France took possession of it. Avignon is an ancient papal city after that John XXII made it his residence in 1316. Read more...

The Palais des Papes, facing onto a wide square, is a touristic destination all year round. After you have visited the palace, have a walk on the Promenade des Papes that will take you to the gardens where the popes used to cultivate aromatic herbs. The walls of the city are noteworthy: they are 4 km long with 39 towers and 7 doors, making the city a treasure to shield. Avignon has a rich cultural heritage, but leisure and relaxation are not missing at all. Having a walk in the city centre you can find many bars and bistrot where you can taste the specialties of the most famous cuisine in the world and immerge in the magic atmosphere that surrounds the whole city.

Tour Operator CroisiEurope
Ship Ms Van Gogh
Depart from Avignone
Length 3 Nights
Departure Date 29 December 2020
Arrival Date 01 January 2021

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