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Australis Cruises: a journey takes you to the end of the world!

If you dream of making a trip to the end of the world, then Australis Cruises will be the one to make your dream come true with interesting itineraries. Compelling, adcenturous trip and full of discoveries will fill your heart and eyes with infinite beauty. You cannot miss the amazing trips to go to Cape Horn and Patagonia by this professional company navigating on the southernmost canals of Patagonia.
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It will be the best trip in the world to considerably enrich your cutural background with full of emotions for your holiday. During the journey, you will find the breathtaking landscape and natural beauty that are difficult to describe in words. With Australis Cruises, you can acturally become the protagonist of this fantastic explorations on the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel.
The durations of the trips vary from 4, 6 or 8 nights, so that you can choose the itinerary that suits you the best. Moreover, there are many planned routes between Punta Arenas in Chile and Ushuaia Argentina. If you would like to have a perfect travel by cruise ship but it is not decided yet to go to attractive Cape Horn or Patagonia. It is the time to make a desicion! Choose your favorite destination and organize your holiday with Australis Cruises. As a company in the field for 25 years, its ships Stella Australis and Ventus Australis will realize the travellers from all over the world a dream to explore a truly electrifying part of the planet, which is Tierra del Fuego and Pategonia.

Become an explorer with Australis Cruises!
The journey organized by Autralis Cruises will be a path full of unforgettable adrenaline adventures. Thanks to the experience and seriousness of the company, it has been always committed to carrying out its activities by water and minimizing the impact on the environment as much as possible at the same time. You can explore the extraordinary nature of the canals located further south of Patagonia and see with your own eyes the plenty of natural views around you. With Australis Cruises to go through one of the most extraordinary is equivalent to plunging into the beating heart when traveling in the wonderful Latin American archipelago which is one of the most stimulating areas and baptizing Tierra del Fuego (in 1520), the channel of Beagle, the Strait of Magellan and Cape Horn. You will have the chance to explore one of the most irresistible, farest and widest uncontaminated territories of the planet. The trip with Australis Cruises includes well-organized landings and rafts. It will take you to know the most important areas of Tierra del Fuego between glaciers and national parks to have an amazing journey.
Every single excursion shall be organized and led by professionals who are experts in geography and guides who know all the flora and fauna of the place. You will enjoy magnificently an area where native forests are at home. Get ready to fully enjoy a magnificent territory which is crossed by majestic glaciers and amazing exotic forests. With Australis Cruises, you can take part in with a whole series of initiatives out of the crowded people to enjoy an excursion that revolves around the landscape beauties, respect and conservation. There will be a guide for every excursion to conduct you to reach every place with respect and generate the least possible environmental impact.

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