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70 cruises

Greek islands: United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Greece

Dubai Itinerary Greek islands
from R 67 639,46
price per person Taxes included
25 reservations in 48 hours
Resilient Lady | 25 Apr 2024
Duration: 14 nights
Departure from: Dubai Landing: Santorini
1. Dubai,
2. Dubai,
3. navigation,
4. navigation,
5. navigation,
6. navigation,
8. Safaga,
11. Alexandria,
13. Rhodes,
14. Santorini

World Cruises: United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, France, Spain

Dubai Itinerary World Cruises
from R 287 565,53
price per person Taxes included
Serenade Of The Seas | 09 May 2024
Duration: 63 nights
Departure from: Dubai Landing: Barcelona
1. Dubai,
4. Salalah,
9. Aqaba,
10. Safaga,
13. Alexandria,
14. Alexandria,
15. Ashdod,
16. Ashdod,
17. Limassol,
19. Athens,
20. Ephesus,
22. Burgas,
23. Constanta,
24. Constanta,
25. Varna,
27. Trabzon,
29. Istanbul,
30. Istanbul,
32. Thessaloniki,
33. Chio,
34. Bodrum,
35. Rhodes,
36. Mykonos,
37. Santorini,
38. Chania ,
39. Katakolon,
40. Korfu,
41. Bari,
42. Venice,
43. Venice,
44. Koper,
45. Zadar,
46. Split,
47. Dubrovnik,
48. Kotor,
49. navigation,
50. Valletta,
51. Catania,
52. Naples,
53. Civitavecchia,
54. Marina di Carrara,
55. Portofino,
56. Ajaccio,
57. Cannes,
58. Nice,
59. Toulon,
60. Palma de Mallorca,
61. Barcelona,
62. Barcelona

Middle East: United Arab Emirates

Dubai Itinerary Middle East
from R 20 569,81
price per person Taxes included
26 reservations in 36 hours
Manara | 01 Jun 2024
Duration: 4 nights
Departure from: Dubai Landing: Dubai
1. Dubai,
4. Dubai

Ocean Cruises: United Arab Emirates, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

Dubai Itinerary Ocean Cruises
from R 56 458,88
price per person Taxes included
25 reservations in 48 hours
Resilient Lady | 03 Nov 2024
Duration: 16 nights
Departure from: Dubai Landing: Singapore
1. Dubai,
2. Dubai,
5. Bombay,
6. Bombay,
7. Goa,
9. Colombo,
10. Colombo,
13. Phuket,
14. Kuala Lumpur,
15. Kuala Lumpur,
17. Singapore
70 cruises

Dubai is the capital of one of the seven Emirates that compose the United Arab Emirates. Between 2004 and 2006 the city has been subjected to a real booming urbanization, becoming an authentic metropolis. Even today the city is constantly under construction: the desert areas are still being built. Among the many projects, the International City, the Sport City and Dubailand, the biggest amusement park in the world. Dubai is rich of resources and tourism increases the richness of this city. In the area surrounding Dubai there are various archipelagos, some of which have become symbols of the city, such as Palm Islands, artificial peninsulas in the Persian Gulf and rich of activities and residential complexes. The material used for the construction of the Islands arrives from the Emirates themselves. The islands host luxury hotels and countless attractions for the visitors. Significant, is the archipelago called The World, 300 artificial islands visible also from a plane or a satellite! Dubai is the city of excess and offers the visitors a limitless richness.
Visit Jumeirah and you’ll remain speechless for its splendor. It is a residential area where the hotel chain built luxurious and worth-a-visit hotels. One of the most famous structures is Burj al-Arab, the Tower of the Arabs, become the symbol of Dubai: a luxurious 5-stars hotel, with wide dream suites entirely surrounded by windows and, from the highest floor, you enjoy a breathtaking view, considered its 321 m. height. Dubai is the ideal destination for any kind of traveler. The sport lovers can freshen up skiing at the Ski Dubai inside a huge shopping mall, while those who love typical markets and negotiations can bargain over jewels at the Gold Suq in the Old City, surrounded by local merchants offering them anything you can imagine in their back shops. The shopping addicted will feel like in heaven once step foot in the Mall of the Emirates, a shopping mall with more than 630 outlets, more than 100 restaurants and bars and many luxury shops. Everyone can find something, a simple souvenir to the high-value product that you’ll keep with you forever. The attractions in Dubai are many and all different one from the other so that they encounter the tastes of everyone: the fashionistas, the sportsman, the passionate for the local culture will love this rich place full of entertainment activities. Everyone will feel united while trying the delicious typical dishes and in the nightlife. Dubai is famous for its explosive nightlife and you never know… you’ll bump into Kim Kardashian or George Clooney!

The best way to visit the Arab Emirates and getting the best of this place is going on a cruise departing from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. There are many companies offering these cities as destinations: MSC Cruises, Costa Crociere, Royal Caribbean are just a few of the companies with this itinerary and give you the best comfort of cruise combined with the luxury of the Arab Emirates. Pamper yourself with a cruise to modernity! On our website you can find deals and low-costs! Take advantage of the last-minutes and promotions of the moment to plunge into the future on dream ships!

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