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Mediterranean: Italy, Greece, Turkey

Civitavecchia Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$8,161.56
price per person Taxes included
2 reservations in 72 hours
Odyssey Of The Seas | Aug 18, 2024
Duration: 7 nights
Departure from: Civitavecchia Landing: Civitavecchia
1. Civitavecchia,
2. navigation,
3. Santorini,
4. Ephesus,
5. Mykonos,
6. navigation,
7. Naples,
8. Civitavecchia

Mediterranean: Italy, Spain, France

Palermo Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$5,634.00
price per person Taxes included
5 reservations in 72 hours
Basic Price Basic Price with Drink Summer recharge Summer recharge + drinks
MSC Seaside | Jul 29, 2024
Duration: 7 nights
Departure from: Palermo Landing: Palermo
1. Palermo,
2. navigation,
3. Ibiza,
4. Valencia,
5. Marseille,
6. Genoa,
7. Civitavecchia,
8. Palermo

Mediterranean: Monaco, Italy, France, Spain

Montecarlo Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$25,791.43
price per person Taxes included
8 reservations in 48 hours
Seabourn Sojourn | Oct 12, 2024
Duration: 7 nights
Departure from: Montecarlo Landing: Barcelona
1. Montecarlo,
2. Genoa,
3. Portoferraio,
4. navigation,
5. Saint Tropez,
6. Sanary Sur Mer,
7. Port Mahon,
8. Barcelona

Mediterranean: Italy, Spain, France

Genoa Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$5,118.17
price per person Taxes included
3 reservations in 72 hours
Basic Price Basic Price with Drink Summer recharge Summer recharge + drinks
MSC Seaview | Sep 30, 2024
Duration: 7 nights
Departure from: Genoa Landing: Genoa
1. Genoa,
2. La Spezia,
3. Civitavecchia,
4. navigation,
5. Palma de Mallorca,
6. Barcelona,
7. Cannes,
8. Genoa

Mediterranean: France, Portugal, Spain

Nice Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$39,919.41
price per person Taxes included
20 reservations in 36 hours
Emerald Liberté | Aug 23, 2025
Duration: 14 nights
Departure from: Nice Landing: Oporto
1. Nice,
2. Arles,
3. Avignone,
4. Viviers,
5. Tournon,
6. Lyon,
7. Chalons en Champagne,
8. Lyon,
9. Pinhão,
10. Pinhão,
11. Vega de Terrón,
12. Peso da Régua,
13. Peso da Régua,
14. Oporto,
15. Oporto

Mediterranean: United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal

Southampton Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$6,528.10
price per person Taxes included
2 reservations in 72 hours
Queen Victoria | Dec 4, 2025
Duration: 12 nights
Departure from: Southampton Landing: Southampton
1. Southampton,
2. navigation,
3. navigation,
4. Cadiz,
5. Malaga,
6. navigation,
7. Barcelona,
8. Alicante,
9. navigation,
10. Lisbon,
11. navigation,
12. navigation,
13. Southampton

Mediterranean: Spain, Morocco, Portugal

Barcelona Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$6,860.52
price per person Taxes included
4 reservations in 48 hours
Celebrity Equinox | Nov 11, 2024
Duration: 10 nights
Departure from: Barcelona Landing: Lisbon
1. Barcelona,
2. Palma de Mallorca,
3. Valencia,
4. navigation,
5. Malaga,
6. Cadiz,
7. Tanger,
8. navigation,
9. Vigo,
10. Oporto,
11. Lisbon

Mediterranean: Italy, Malta, Spain, France

Naples Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$5,462.05
price per person Taxes included
Basic Price Basic Price with Drink
MSC World Europa | Oct 27, 2025
Duration: 7 nights
Departure from: Naples Landing: Naples
1. Naples,
2. Messina,
3. Valletta,
4. navigation,
5. Barcelona,
6. Marseille,
7. Genoa,
8. Naples

Mediterranean: Spain, Italy, France

Tarragona Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$3,857.25
price per person Taxes included
3 reservations in 48 hours
Basic Price Basic Price with Drink
MSC Magnifica | May 16, 2025
Duration: 7 nights
Departure from: Tarragona Landing: Tarragona
1. Tarragona,
2. Valencia,
3. navigation,
4. Livorno,
5. Civitavecchia,
6. Genoa,
7. Marseille,
8. Tarragona

Mediterranean: United Kingdom, Spain, France

Southampton Itinerary Mediterranean
from R$5,324.50
price per person Taxes included
26 reservations in 36 hours
Arvia | Sep 1, 2024
Duration: 13 nights
Departure from: Southampton Landing: Southampton
1. Southampton,
3. La Coruna,
6. Malaga,
8. Toulon,
9. Barcelona,
11. Cadiz,
14. Southampton
5077 cruises

Mediterranean: Curiosities and suggestions

Read the most frequently asked questions and answers by cruisers about the destination {zone}

Does packing for your Mediterranean cruise scare you? Would you like to fit your entire wardrobe into your suitcase and space seems tight? Do not panic, we are here for you. First of all, keep in mind the itinerary and the period selected. The Mediterranean climate with hot summers and relatively mild winters allows you to avoid excessively heavy and bulky clothing. For life on the ship, you should prefer more casual and sporty clothing for the day to participate in most activities, and do not forget to bring swimsuits and sandals with you in order to take advantage of the spa and whirlpool services. On the contrary, for the evening you should choose more elegant clothing suitable for any kind of occasion.
Many of us have surely asked ourselves this question at least once in our lives: how much does a Mediterranean cruise cost? The cost of a Mediterranean cruise varies depending on a number of factors including: the choice of travel period and its duration, the cruise line and ship selected, the itinerary, the type of cabin and the possible inclusion of extra services. A Mediterranean cruise provides a memorable experience of breathtaking views, cities rich in art and history, unique atmospheres and traditions, good wine and great food at affordable prices. Discover
A cruise fare always includes your stay on board and meals as well as a range of on-board activities that vary depending on the ship and company. All companies offer the option of purchasing beverage packages or other services (specialty restaurants, Wi-fi, spas, excursions...) before departure with cheaper prices than buying on the ship. Some companies offer All Inclusive rates that allow you to depart with no worries and no surprises at the end of the cruise. Do not forget that taxes, tips and insurance are often mandatory.
The main stops on a Western Mediterranean cruise are Italy, France and Spain. In Italy you can visit beautiful cities of art or dive into beautiful beaches. Expert guides will take you on excursions to discover the main attractions of each location. In France, the main stopovers are Marseille and Toulon: let yourself be carried away by the magic of Provence! In Spain, do not miss the opportunity to visit the city of Barcelona, the Balearic Islands, or the cities of Valencia and Malaga.
The Mediterranean is a very versatile destination that allows you to visit it all year-round. In winter the itineraries allow you to visit beautiful cities rich in museums, charming historic centers and monuments, while in summer you can also hiking on the beach. Summer is usually the most popular and crowded period, we recommend June and September for a Mediterranean Cruise because the weather is milder, prices lower and availability on board greater.
The Western Mediterranean is an ideal destination for cruise travelers. Cruise ships that sail on the Western Mediterranean generally depart from major Italian ports such as Genoa, Savona, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples or Palermo. Some companies also allow embarkation from ports located in France and Spain such as Marseille and Barcelona.
Cruises on the Mediterranean Sea: amazing holidays all year round! The Mediterranean Sea is so rich of history, amazing landscapes and good food, it’s impossible to resist. These are just a few of the reasons why you should visit Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Spain and Turkey.
Cruises on the Mediterranean Sea: a few suggestions Take a look at our website and find the departure that best suits you! Ticketcrociere gives you the opportunity to book in advance or take advantage of the low-cost departures to meet your needs! A Cruise on the Mediterranean gives you the chance to visit different places all in the same trip with very convenient prices. You just have to decide which area of the Mediterranean you want to visit. We have a wide range of last-minute offers for the Western Mediterranean and visit France, Spain, the Balearic islands and Malta or for the Eastern Mediterranean, to go deep to the origins of our society and discover the Greek culture through its amazing islands. Discover Barcelona, Marseille, Capri, or live an adventure on the Greek islands in a white and blue scenario. With excellent food, wine, typical music and lush landscapes, you will find your dimension and realize how rich this land is. Useful information The range of options on the cruise companies is wide: MSC Crociere, Costa Crociere, Norwegian Cruise Line e Royal Caribbean are just a few of the companies offering the best itineraries. Cannot decide on what ship to choose? Let our operators give you an advice, they will show you the ships that best suit your needs, from the most traditional to the most modern. Take advantage of the stop-over in Civitavecchia to visit the Eternal City, the capital of Italy. Our operators will provide you with a flight to reach the nearest port of embarkation, or a hotel to better know this city that attract people from all over the world with a personalized holiday package. Contact our operators and choose the best offer for you, the most beautiful ships can’t wait to have you aboard! Do you love the sun any season of the year? Discover the Mediterranean! Taoticket takes you on board of the best cruise ships to find beautiful beaches, the Mediterranean shrubland typical of the countryside, the vineyards, the olive tree groves and the pine forests that characterize these places. On the coasts you’ll find sand beaches and jagged cliffs, some of them barren, other lush. Thanks to a temperate climate, the Mediterranean is an ideal destination all year long: it is beautiful also in winter, and it’s low cost! Image yourself on a cruise in winter far from the chaos and the crowd, swimming in a covered pool and enjoying an impeccable service. Taoticket offers you holidays at convenient prices to visit the best Italian art cities such as Florence, Rome, Naples and Venice and at the same time amazing beaches such as those of Croatia and Montenegro without overlooking the Amalfi Coast, Costa Smeralda, the French Riviera and the Costa del Sol in Spain. Delicious is the Mediterranean cuisine, offered aboard or available during the stop-overs: try an excellent pasta with pesto in

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