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Choose Costa Cruises for your holiday with your family and friends!

Costa Cruises propose a wide range of ships and itineraries to meet all the passengers’ needs. The perfect solution for a holiday with your family and friends, aboard of Costa’s ships you will find high-quality comfort for your relaxation and conceding yourself an escape from the stress of daily life. Check all our deals with Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises: the new C and the renewed holiday proposal between land and sea

For 70 years it has witnessed hospitality and Italian style. In 2021, Costa Cruises gets a makeover: new logo, renewed proposal that focuses on gastronomy, excursions and sustainability. In other words, on a valuable holiday, on board or on land, with the possibility of exploring the territories and getting to know their different cultures. The Costa Cruises fleet offers a wide range of itineraries to help guests discover the most beautiful destinations in the world. Ships equipped with all comforts and designed with scrupulous attention to detail, ideal for couples, families, groups of friends, business trips, events. The restyling of the historic "C" symbolizes the meeting and embrace between land and sea.
Costa Cruises was founded in Genoa in 1854, active in the commerce of fabrics and olive oil with Sardinia. The fleet, during the XIX Century, expanded and the first ships are named after the members of the family. The real first cruise ship, Franca C., is dated back to 1968 and marks a change in the conception of holiday, proposing many itineraries already at that time. During the 80’s, the cruise ship changes and becomes a giant hotel on the sea, improving the entertaining activities that become accessible to everyone. On the ships, restaurants, theaters, bars and casinos multiply to meet the tastes of all kinds of travelers. Today Costa Cruises is the n. 1 cruise company in Europe. Since 2003 is part of Carnival Corporation & plc group, the biggest cruise giant. Its ships, besides the Italian flag, maintain the characteristics and the love for details typical of our Country: from the furniture to the wine-grastronomic selection, Costa Cruises is symbol of elegance and quality and it is constantly improving, with a wide range of itineraries, cabins, entertaining programs and shows.

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Costa Cruises have a wide fleet, always up to date. With this aim, the ships protagonists of Costa neoCollection have been renovated: Costa neoRomantica, Costa neoRiviera e Costa neoClassica.
The other ships of the fleet are simply amazing: Costa Fascinosa and Costa Favolosa, elegant and technologic, Costa Deliziosa and Costa Luminosa, real jewels characterized by an extremely curated furniture, Costa Magica and Costa Fortuna, with their lovely itineraries. You will have the opportunity to choose your ship according to the idea of holiday you have in mind. Costa Diadema, launched in 2014, offers even more features and entertaining activities: more hydro-massage tubs, pools, thalassotherapy, saunas and Turkish baths for your relax. If you cannot stand still, for you: disco, gym, casino and the pool with crystal self-propelled roof.
With Costa Cruises you arrive wherever you want and get back from your holiday whenever you want! Costa offers itineraries with various lengths, from the mini-cruises to the world tour, without forgetting the 7 to 14 nights cruises. Choose your favorite destination between the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Islands, the le Canary islands and Morocco, the Arab Emirates and the incredible transatlantic cruises.
Costa’s ships are equipped with all the features for the wellness of the whole family. The kids can have fun in the Clubs specifically dedicated to their activities, while the adults can enjoy the countless activities offered by Costa Cruises to relax and keep in shape: gyms, external and covered pools, exclusive wellness centers with saunas and hydro-massage tubs are just a few of the services signed Costa Cruises. And for your family, unforgettable excursions in the most beautiful places in the world to discover far cultures or try the typical food of new places. You can choose among many types of staterooms: the internal are simpler, but not less cozy, while the suites are real floating apartments.

Costa's history
From the Anna C., whose first voyage dates back over 70 years ago, to the super-technological and sustainable units of today, the history of Costa Cruises is an extraordinary mix of shipowning ability and hospitality marked by the unmistakable Italian style. The first ship created expressly for cruises, the Franca C., in 1968, has the tricolor flag and the unmistakable Costa insignia. The company has developed in the wake of a shipping history that begins in Genova in 1854 with a merchant fleet and gradually grows over the years, to focus on the passenger movement after the Second World War. With the innovations introduced on its ships and in its itineraries, Costa has indicated the way of development for the entire cruise sector. His first air + ship proposals, which lead travelers to be able to enjoy overseas routes, the Nordic seas and the Far East in a few days. Starting from the 1980s, the units evolved as large floating luxury hotels, the portholes of the cabins became balconies overlooking the sea, restaurants, theaters, bars and casinos multiplied, with attractions suitable for every type of traveler. Since 2003 Costa Cruises has been part of the Carnival Corporation group. Its ships, in addition to the tricolor flag, leverage the appreciation of Italianness in the world, with attention to architectural choices, style, furnishings and food and wine choices.

Costa Cruises: activities on board and cabins
Clubs dedicated specifically to children, entertainment for adults with gym, outdoor and indoor pools, wellness center and spa, shopping, live entertainment. There is also a buffet, a bar and a wide choice of restaurants. Costa Cruises' offer is suitable for an audience of all ages and today also renews excursions, with longer stops in ports for real explorations to discover hidden gems and local communities. You can choose between simple and practical internal cabins, panoramic external cabins with portholes, external cabins with balconies, up to the suites, real floating apartments. Those who join the exclusive Costa Club will be able to accumulate points to save on cruise holidays and benefit from many other benefits, such as gastronomic experiences, reserved areas, gifts in the cabin.

The Costa Cruises fleet
An increasingly sustainable fleet, with technologically advanced and environmentally friendly ships. The latest units in fact use liquefied natural gas, considered the cleanest fossil fuel in the world. As for the style, each ship is unique. Among the most recent ships we find Costa Toscana, Costa Smeralda, Costa Venezia and Costa Firenze. The other ships that make up the company's fleet are Costa Fascinosa and Costa Favolosa, elegant and technological, Costa Deliziosa and Costa Luminosa, with extremely refined furnishings, Costa Pacifica, Costa Fortuna, Costa Diadema.

The Costa itineraries
From three-four-day mini-cruises to world tours, passing through weekly cruises and longer transatlantic and positioning cruises. With Costa everyone can choose the duration they prefer and the destinations to reach: Mediterranean, Caribbean, United Arab Emirates and many other destinations.